June 2013

Beirut - Lebanon 
Zuqaq - Mansion 

The performance is an adaptation of Yousef Idrees’s renowned story  “Did you really have to turn the light on Li Li?”
A dance lab on Sufism. The performance is part of a thesis on spiritual in the modern world and how it is projected in contemporary dance.


When you do not see around you it does not necessarily imply you are in the dark but that you are not looking towards the light. For your inner glare suffices your self-admiration. Up until this inevitable moment in time that we all encounter crosses your life when you start to see the truth of what is beyond and all light becomes that and nothing else but that. You become such as butterflies that burn by their own passion for that light is one which we know not how to resist.                                                                                                                          As a man of God is considered a representative of the nature of faith, chastity and morality moreover a representation of the Divinity itself to the point piety, austerity and the renunciations of all desires summed up becomes fated to anyone who as much as thinks of assuming such a disposition.  Likewise the writer addresses the personality of the Imam of Al-Batiniyah mosque encircling it with a thousand lit candles, dropping a tough burning spot light on it that sends fire running into your limbs whenever you approach it seeking some warmth.  Amid all this appears beautiful tempting “Li Li”, pretty to the point the Sheikh’s eyes fail all his attempts trying to look away. A whole life opens up before him-one which he never knew, together with a thousand dormant questions within him, those which he never dared visit not even out of curiosity.  Sheikh Abdel Aal takes us on a journey of his sinful conflict between a man’s instincts vs. the asceticism of a hermit roaming the kingdom of God.